A’s Played the Waiting Game and Won

Oakland, Calif. – With Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval expected to sign the $1.9 billion dollar agreement for a new stadium for the Oakland Raiders in Las Vegas, that leaves question to what the A’s will do with the Oakland Coliseum all to themselves.

Even though the City of Oakland and Alameda County can’t somehow make a deal to propose to the NFL without using taxpayer money for stadium renovations, Las Vegas has put down a large down payment of $750 million dollars for the Las Vegas Raiders to happen. However, the move will not be final till the 2019 season.

With the Raiders in Vegas and the Warriors moving to the Chase Center in San Francisco in 2019, the Athletics will be the only remaining team in the Oakland Coliseum site.

What will the A’s do with Mount Davis all to themselves? Renovate? Relocate?

With Raiders Owner Mark Davis’ open disapproval of Athletic renovations happening to the Coliseum while the Raiders are still in Oakland, the A’s will most likely have to wait till the end of the 2018 season to rebuild O.Co.

Another option would be to rebuild a new ballpark entirely. The Athletics with approval from the city of Oakland and Alameda County,  could break ground on a baseball-only stadium at the Coliseum site in the fall of 2018 during the Raiders final season in Oakland and open in 2021.

Baseball doesn’t typically move around it’s franchises very often as more teams have changed leagues (two) than relocated in the last 40 years.

The A’s, still segregated away from the obvious move down into a willing San Jose market by the strategic error of ceding the territorial rights to the Giants, are going through the latest round of reviewing sites suggested by Oakland.

The A’s having one of the least lucrative television deals in all of baseball ($15 million)does not help them. Bad television deals with a bad venue does not bring in the kind of revenue the Athletics need to be a successful franchise.

Given that the A’s market involves some of the highest household incomes in the country, with a better attendance track record and a television deal that they will eventually escape, their picture can be optimistic. But putting the team in San Jose ought to be back on the table as an option for the franchise’s ultimate profitability.

Personally, a stadium in Santa Clara would be perfect. Not too far from Oakland… and not in Oakland.

This is a future win-win scenario for the Athletics. With a new stadium anywhere, more fans will want to put their hard earned money towards watching the A’s win only 71 games for a couple of years and once the revenue starts coming in and Lew Wolff out, Fisher will get to run the ball club how he wants. No more “Moneyball” BS.

With new owner John Fisher’s silence this off season and in interviews, he doesn’t necessarily give bright hopes for a new baseball-only stadium.Time will only tell what the A’s decide to do but the ball is definitely in their hands.



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