Upcoming Season for Grossmont College Basketball

El Cajon, Calif.. – This upcoming 2016-2017 season, the Grossmont College basketball team looks to dominate its competition and go onto win not just a conference championship, but a possible state title. The Griffins plan on improving from last year’s record behind their coach and three returning players.

Head Coach Doug Weber plans on gaining ground this coming year after finishing last season with a .500 record of 13 wins and losses. “This team is capable of some great things. I expect us to a powerhouse in conference play. I could see us winning quite a handful of games this year,” said Weber. He’s taken a good first step, the team winning its first game of the season against Long Beach City College 69-58.

“He (Weber) puts us in the best position to be successful and covers all the situations we need to know in order to succeed,” said freshman Ronald Blain from Atlanta, Georgia.

Several members on the team have said they have the utmost respect and faith in what former Cal Poly San Luis Obispo assistant coach Weber is doing and trusts them to lead them to their goal. To third-year player Corwin Feerick, that goal is to be conference champs; to Blain it’s to be eventual state champs.

“Everyone is motivated towards one goal, the goal of being conference champs… we are not a selfish basketball team… none of us are afraid to take the last shot because of all us believe in one another,” Feerick said.

One facet of the game the team can rely on is its shooting. “We have some streaky shooters on this team and any minute, any one of us could go off,” said Blain, who’s the teams forward. However, Blain did say there could be eventual problems in the size aspect of the game, in that Grossmont does not have as strong of a front court like some opponents.

Grossmont doesn’t rely on a single scorer; anybody can spark at any given moment. However, some of their more consistent players, point guard Josh Moran, as well as small forward Bryce Parks can be seen at the top of the list in the points per game category in the box score.

A good note to walk away with last year was the team’s 2-1 record against rival San Diego City College, one of Grossmont’s tougher competitions according to Feerick, Grossmont’s small forward. Feerick said he believed that this team has a pretty good chance to do well against its conference opponents this year, and he isn’t that worried.

As one of the only three returning players of the team this year, Feerick looks to as an individual player along with his “veteran” counterparts in Daniel McCown, the team’s shooting guard, to lead his team on the court, and to be the one players to look to in crunch time.

Although the team has a conference championship set on their radar, it also has a huge focus in its players getting the opportunity to sign some letters of intent to four-year universities this coming offseason. With Weber’s track record, there is no reason why that can’t continue.

A majority of the players on the team are pursuing a career that is basketball-oriented. “One way or another playin’ ball is gonna be payin’ my bills,” Blain said.

The Grossmont Griffins have their first home game Dec. 2nd at the Grossmont Invitational. Tip-off time has not yet been announced. Conference play will start January.


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