Update 6: The Swinging and Missing A’s (May 26 – June 1)

Record: 23-30 (2-5), 5th place in AL West, 14.5 games back of Houston

Please forgive me on not following up on last week’s update and my lateness to the update on this week. I’ve been very busy regarding my finals at school. But you have not missed much…

The road struggles continue for the Athletics as they still have not reached double digits when playing away from their home ballpark. It hasn’t been pretty at the plate these past couple of weeks. Strikeouts have been the theme for the Oakland lineup. In their four game series against Cleveland, the A’s set a franchise record striking out a total of 59 times. Oakland has the second worst strikeout rate in the majors with a percentage of 24.8. In game two of the Indians series, batters 1-4 struck out of a total of 13 friggin’ times and ended the day with 19 K’s.

I’m not even sure which aspect of the A’s is worse; the hitting or the defense. In Cotton’s start in the series finale with Cleveland he allowed five runs, only one earned. And in Triggs’ start against the Yankees it was even worse; five unearned runs.

And to put the cherry on top, the pitching has been performing subpar. With Hahn and Graveman both getting sent to the DL, the A’s had to make some roster moves. One of those moves was calling Daniel Mengden up to the bigs for his first stint in the MLB since his foot fracture in 2016. Mengden got rocked, allowing three homers and five runs and was sent to the locker room in just the fourth inning. Sonny didn’t look like the Sonny of old whatsoever in his sixth start of the year, allowing seven runs in only four and two thirds innings. There’s one bright spot to this: no team is going to want to trade for a guy with an ERA in the high fours at the trade deadline.

It’s time the Oakland front office take a good, hard look at Melvin’s future with the A’s. So far this season, he has not yet put out a duplicate lineup from a past game (i.e. not the same lineup once at all). His bullpen moves have been questionable to say the least – Casilla is not the answer for the 9 inning spot. Madson has performed very well with a sub two ERA this season and has experience in the ninth for multiple playoff teams. Why he hasn’t strongly considered moving him to the closer role is mind boggling.

In the A’s road stand this past week, they only mustered 2 wins again. Another 2-5 road trip… bleh.

No bright spots this week. Just shitty, shitty baseball. Also I’m strapped on time to go into extensive detail of A’s baseball this past week. I’ll be returning to my normal blogging routine and perhaps some more after finals week is over.

Next Up:

Luckily for the A’s, they’re returning to the comforts of home next week. First off for Oakland, they face Bryce Harper and the Washington Nationals in an interleague matchup and the following three game series will be against the Toronto Blue Jays who are starting to wake up after a very slow start to the 2017 season.


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